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What is Dairy Revenue Protection?

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) is an area-based revenue product designed to insure against unexpected declines in the quarterly revenue from milk sales relative to a guaranteed coverage level. Unlike other government backed products, DRP can be obtained daily and allows for revenue to be determined based on a combination of Class III and Class IV markets OR an alternate milk component pricing program.

How will Commodity Risk Management Group support DRP?

DRP is the newest tool in the dairy risk management toolbox. When used alongside other tools, it adds real value to a dairyman’s efforts to manage milk price risk. Commodity Risk Management Group (CRMG) is sought nationwide to provide insight on dairy markets and construct risk management solutions for those in the dairy industry. Our team of experienced risk managers are ready to build and execute a comprehensive plan that works for you.

For USDA's information on Dairy RP, click here:

USDA Risk Management Agency Homepage

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